Apart from building applications, we teach a whole range of information technology tools which we believe will be helpful to you in whatever environment you find yourself. Some of the courses we offer in our academy include

Cloud creativity

You need to immerse yourself into world of creative cloud with new productivity features and design. We help you learn the basics in seamless synching with innovative tools that brings the learning to you. Learning with the Adobe creative cloud software gives you an edge over competitors in th business. The course aims to give students the opportunity to learn how to improve work productivity.

Mobile app design techniques

In this course, you will understand the essence of design techniques such as view creators and visual interaction. You will also understand storyboards and learn how to build responsive user interfaces.

Android development

The key aim of this course is to turn you as a developer with minimum experience into specialized application creators for the Android operating system either through Java or through kotlin. You will understand the basics of different UI parts while refining concepts that recognise critical android developmental benchmarks. At the duration of this program, you should be able to have the knowledge and wherewithal to create your first Android app. This course can be tailored to any technology that you prefer or you can create multiple inroads to concentrate on a variety of technologies.

IOS development

This course will give you the ground work on Swift or Objective-C to create mobile solutions for the IOS operating system. You will analyze and review the basic concepts of mobile development including how to construct user interfaces, APES, and a lot more. Each stage of this course examines the benchmarks for Apple mobile development. At the duration of this course, you would have been given the technical know-how to create your first app for IOS.

Java Script for Native Creativity

This course will initiate you into the core principles of Javascript including the fundamentals and practicality. After this there is a transition period after which it delves into more technical topics including Javascript core. There are also subcategories on storage and app firing.

Android and IOS Cross platform with React Native

This is an application created by Facebook that enables you run code through IOS and Android platforms. This course tutors you on the developing applications using react native code.